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May 14, 2011


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Your house is beautiful! All that light. . . simply gorgeous. I must know---is that a rabbit napping amidst all your yarn?

Cyndi—elf girl

Thanks! And, yes, that is a rabbit napping with the yarn. He lives there right now. He's from imaginechildhood.com.


LOL! That is one realistic looking stuffed animal. I thought it was a real rabbit!

Anne Boulton

I'm a little out of the loop--did you sell? What a great place!
What are your plans for a new place? Looks like you're urban there...the country?


Anne, yes we've sold our house and will be moving in less than two weeks. We've lived in this row house for almost eight years. We worked almost every weekend to get our house into shape for the market. We managed to sell it in a little over 30 days so we're pretty happy. We'll still be living in the city but in a neighborhood with single family homes and a yard. I'm afraid to post about the new house yet... I'll wait till I've got the keys in hand.

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