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July 16, 2012


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It looks like a fantastic party! Great job on the cake especially for some one who's says they never bake!! I really love the Lego picture garland...
Happy birthday to Forrest!!


Wow that party rocked! The cake looks beautiful with 6 layers with different tints of green.


Love the cake! What a cool Lego party for your little guy!! Thanks for sharing.

Ellie - Petalplum

So much fun. The Leo man hunt sounds good. Your cake - yah and amazing good on you for persevering. I love making cakes, but am not good at following recipes (I like to wing it, which means that sometimes they don't turn out - that happened for my daughters 5th birthday earlier this year. And we were sharing the party with our neighbours daughter - our neighbour happens to be a professional cake maker and decorator... Oh. Mine looked sad compared to hers. My lovely kids ate mine instead of hers, but all the other kids didn't......... )


I loved all of the photos when they were initially posted on Instagram, but I love them even more with the story attached. What an amazing birthday party for your little one! I love the photos of the Lego creations as well. I've been thinking about using your idea, but photographing my son's favorite Hot Wheels cars (he's obsessed with them). How did you print them? Through iPhoto?

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