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September 04, 2012


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carol @ perennial

I totally relate to being chided by a husband about going overboard - so tempting!

As for fairy bread, here is my method...

White bread
Margarine, spread to the very edges
Pour hundreds and thousands (I think you call them sprinkles) onto a plate.
Upturn the bread, margarine side down, onto the plate and press firmly.
Turn over, 100's & 1000's should cover the piece of bread.
Slice into triangles (or if you are happy to have wastage, use a cookie cutter to make shapes)

They will be a HIT!

Your invitations look gorgeous and I am so impressed that you posted them, there is nothing better than receiving a posted invitation.


love this! what a fantastic invite - can i come? ;)


Cyndi, I know I liked the pic on IG but oh my holy goodness!! They are just beautiful and I love the idea of the treasure hunt. These are the kinds of things I WANT to do as a mom, usually we are so last minute it's impossible.
Such an amazing job.
I need to purchase some lino blocks, I remember doing it in art class once and I loved it.
Have to look into it again.
and your girl is just stunning.
Roxy will be 5 next birthday and Haven 2 and I just canNOT fathom...


I do love the invites! i didn't realize you did linoleum cuts!!! so cool. just beautiful. you are the best. xo julie

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