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September 03, 2013


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Stephanie De Falco

We've missed you! I almost sent an e-mail to ask if we'd be expecting a post soon. (: So glad you had a good summer. Tony and I were very sorry to hear about sweet Zoe. We also think Bear scored a great new home!!

Lisa Solomon

oh i love bear.... so fun to watch his antics on instagram....
and your package arrived !!!! [thank you SO much for the extra goody] will post soon

KC Pagano

I'm still here! I look forward to seeing you in this space again!


Yay! I'm so glad to hear from you Stephanie... I've been feeling kind of out of touch with you. Glad you're doing well. Tell Tony "Hi!" for me.


Lisa, oh, good! I'm so glad the package arrived safely. Hope those tiny leg warmers fit your little miss... I fear they might not. I started them last winter, if you can believe it.


Thanks, Kathryn! And welcome back to the U.S.!

Carol Jansen

Definitely still here and glad to see your new posts pop up in my reader again. Your summer looks lovely and has helped me anticipate ours during a very gloomy and damp winter.


oh man, that photo of bear and forrest having a tea party - priceless!


Glad you're still checking in, Carol! I've missed you on IG.


Thanks, D! That kitten and little boy sure keep me busy.

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